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NOTE: GR is not updated to 1.3. Instead, it will be replaced by Vanilla Genetic Expanded, to be released this year. Think of it as GR 2


  • Hybridization: Extract genes from Bears, Cats, Chickens, Boomalopes, Muffalos, Wolves, Rodents, Reptiles, Insectoids, Thrumbos and Mechanoids, and create hybrids of these species. Some combinations can go both ways, so, for example, a Bearalope is different from a Boomabear, and you will get one at random. A total of 77 new creatures for you to play with. Some very useful, others... less so.
  • Hybrid implants: The Growth Vat can be used to create either animal or human implants. Using different animal genes, you can create implants such as Thrumbo Legs, or Chitinous Hearts, and turn your scientific aberrations into even more bizarre creatures. By using humanoid genes, you can mix them with animal genes and create several hybrid implants to improve your colonists.
  • Paragon Creatures: With the Animal Enrichment research, you can turn regular animals into Paragons, more evolved versions of the base creature. A total of 14 new creatures for you to play with.
  • Animal Control: With the Animal Control research, you can directly control your animals. Draft them and move them at will! It also gives special abilities depending on the creature, so wolf hybrids can use Adrenaline Rush, Thrumbo hybrids can Stampede, and so on. 11 new abilities and any combinations of them open up fascinating new tactical possibilities.
  • Eldritch Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 8 new hybrids with monsters from the Call of Cthulhu - Cosmic Horrors mod.
  • Dinosaur Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 8 hybrids with dinosaurs from the Dinosauria mod.
  • Megafauna Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 9 hybrids with creatures from the Megafauna mod.
  • Alpha Creatures: If you download the patch mod, you can create 9 hybrids with creatures from the Alpha Animals mod.
  • The Archotech Project: Genetic Rim adds a new win condition for the game. Instead of building a spaceship and leaving the planet, you can research how to integrate and control an Archotech AI inside a bio-mechanical body. Why would you leave when you can stay and kill all your enemies?

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Tier 3 Thrumbear Thrumbalope Thrumbochicken Thrumffalo Thrumwolf Thrumbocat Thrumborat Thrumbolizard Thrumbospider Mechabear Mechalope Mechachicken Mechaspider Mechamuffalo Mecharat Mechaturtle Mechacat Mechawolf Mechathrumbo
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Resources Milk Bearffalo Milk Chickenffalo Milk Dino "Milk" Eldritch Milk Green Milk Mechanoid Milk Muffalobear Milk Muffalope Milk Muffalochicken Milk Paraceramuffalo Milk Wolffalo Milk Weird Milk Rat Milk Thrumffalo Milk
Eggs Bear Bug Eggs Bearchicken Eggs Boomachicken Eggs Boomalisk Eggs Catchicken Eggs Chickenbear Eggs Chickenbee Eggs Chickencat Eggs Chicken of Mi-go Eggs Chickenffalo Eggs Chickenlizard Eggs Chickenlodon Eggs Chickenlope Eggs Chickennathus Eggs Chickenrabbit Eggs Chickenspider Eggs Chickenwolf Eggs Diplobeetle Eggs Mantistanis Eggs Meadow Lizard Eggs Muffalochicken Eggs Needlechicken Eggs Nighthrumbo Eggs Paragon Chicken Eggs Paragon Emu Eggs Paragon Iguana Eggs Paragon Ostrich Eggs Paragon Tortoise Eggs Parasaurolope Eggs Raptortoise Eggs Snake of Yig Eggs Spidersnake Eggs Spinobear Eggs Stegothrumbo Eggs Thrumbochicken Eggs Triceraffalo Eggs Velociwolf Eggs Wolfchicken Eggs Chocolate Egg
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